The Elven nation of Dorthargond is the oldest nation in Gylandria. It’s was founded when the world was young and magic was powerful. It’s cities were build with the Elven High Magic, and though most of them have been destroyed by the currents of time, some magnificent structure stand to these days as a monument to the glory of days long pass.

The Dawn of Time

The elves are the oldest of all mortal races. They awoke in the world when it was young and the magic of creation was still powerful. The Elves learned how to harness this magic and channel it to their needs, calling it the Elven High Magic. At first the Elves were roaming tribes, inhibiting the forest of the north alongside with Feys and monster races. It was the Dragons’ doing that the elves came to build cities at all. Envious of the power that the Elves possessed with their magic, the Dragons started to attack the forests, and tried to capture the elves and make them reveal the secret of the High Magic. The fear of the dragons brought the elves together. In what became the first written event in civilazation they created the Stone of Thulionel and found a city there.
Other cities they build, though none was as great – Eithithlum, Londolond and Vallasea are the most famous.
In time other races woke up in Gylandria. The orcs and trolls came down from the mountains and instantly attacked the Elves. The Gnolls and awoke in the forest and done the same. Having the High Magic in their possession, the Elves drove back the attacks easily. The Dwarves awoke in Ukhbelzund and approached the elves cautiously. The elves found them repulsive but harmless, they agreed to trade with them and teach them writings and wood work. Last to wake was mankind. Elves in the outskirts of the forest discovered the Humans roaming there and took them as slaves. However, pretty soon elves that took the human women as slaves discovered that unlike any other race, human and elves could have mutual offspring. This brought confused the Elves to no end, being able to mate made the too races related in some strange way the Elves did not understand, they did not see men as their equals but they did take them under their protection, and instead of slaves they made them servants. Human tended fields and did a lot of manual labour, and the elves protected them from the Dragons’ wrath that was the fate of the humans that awoke in the south.

The Dragons War and their Aftermath

  • For complete history, see The Dragons War.
    The ferocity of the Dragons Wars took the Elves by surprise. Although they fought many battles with the Orcs especially, they always relied on their magic to win the fights for them. They were completely unprepared to a scenario in which the Wizards had to fight the Dragons and they had to fight without magic. They had to train their human servants to fight, and lost there service ever after. Although they did know some Arcane magic, they mostly used it for mundane stuff and did not develop it too much. Losing the Elven High Magic was a blow to the core of their society. Of their great Cities only Eithithlum and Londolond still stood. Thulionel was destroyed by the Ritual of Dragonbane and Vallasea was sacked by orcs near the end of the war, it’s people either killed or dragged into the mountains and never seen since.
    Londolond was made the new capital, and the remnant of the royal house went to live there. And the distant Eithithlum was made into a fortress to be the place of last stand in case the race is in danger of annihilation again.



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