Elven High Magic

Elven High Magic was wielded by the High Wizards in the ancient world. The elves considered it to be the magic of creation and have done great things with it. The arcane magic that the wizards of Kel teach today was considered to be lesser magic – mundane even.
For years beyond count, the elves used the High Magic to drive away dragons from their lands. They created numerous magic items of great power and bound some magic into them.

The Stone of Thulionel

In the dawn of time first elven wizards created the Stone of Thulionel. The Elven High Magic was raw and extremely powerful in that age, and the High Wizards channeled it into a giant rock. The magical radiation created a shield that surrounded the Elven lands and greatly weakened any dragon that went near it.
Near the end of the Dragons War when it became clear that the elves and the dwarves (and their human servants) were about to lose the war and either perish or become enslaved, the last High Wizard gathered at Thulionel and broke the stone, releasing it’s magic and harnessing it to strike at all Dragons wherever they are in the world, in what was lately know as the Ritual of Dragonbane.
During the ritual, all the Elven High Magic was consumed and all the High Wizards perished.

High Magic in current days

Currently there is no longer High Magic in Gylandria to be used for spell casting. The magic is gone, and so are the wizards that knew it’s ways. Although most magical artifacts created by the elves were also destroyed during the ritual, a precious few did survive. The arcane wizards that investigated them after the war discovered that breaking an item releases the power inside it, but as the items were very rare this was only done once, during the Calamity times when the Dwarf kingdom of Narazund was nearing annihilation.
Some of the artifacts, along with most of the books containing the knowledge of the magic were looted by the Kels when they conquered Dorthargond and are kept in the vaults of the Magic Academy in Kel. Others the elves managed to hide, and some have been lost along the generations.
In the place that was once called Thulionel there is now a great barren crater a few miles long. The elves call In it’s midst, where the stone stood, there’s a dark cave. To this day the air is crisp with strange magical energy. Few people have dared to go inside the crater, those reported that nothing lives there and most of them came back sick as if they have aged rapidly. No one have dared to go into the cave.

Elven High Magic

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