Elves are the oldest of all the mortal races and the ones with the longest lifespans. Small communities of elves can be found all around Gylandria, however there’s only one Elven kingdom – Dorthargond.


Elves are tall and slender. Males trending from 165cm to 190cm weighing 65kg to 80kg, females from 160cm to 180cm and 45kg to 55kg. Their skin is fair. Hair colors are blond, black, brown and green.
They have pointy ears and almond shaped bright eyes, blue, green and hazelnut colors.
Elves leave to be 400 years all, and get to adulthood at around 100.


Elves have walked the earth since days beyond knowledge. Their first memories date nearly 15,000 years in the past, being a tribal society who roamed the northern lands. In those early memories they are the master of a tremendous force – the Elven High Magic, that they wielded since the very first days that they remember. At some point in their long history they started to form bigger cities – to master more of their magic and to protect themselves from the dragons that roamed Gylandria at those times.
At about -10,000 TC the kingdom of Dorthargond was founded – initially covering all of the north, It’s history is tied with the Elven history to these days.


Elves value knowledge, art and craftsmanship. They are stern, and values their privacy. Elves tend to stay at one location for a long time, centuries even. Very few of them are travellers and roamers. They shape the nature and the world around them to their liking and do not seek to conquer more lands.


Elves see themselves as the noblest of all races. They try to keep to themselves at the best of their ability and seldom welcome visitors from other races to their cities and colonies.
Dwarves and Elves share an old bond from the day of the dragon wars. Dwarves aided elves at their time of need and elves do not forget. During the long years of The Kellian Empire the dwarves sitting at the council of seven always protected the elves to their best of their ability. The Elves respect the dwarves from their craftsmanship and courage, even if they disdain from their recklessness.
Draconics Elves generally tend to mistrust and dislike the Draconic. The Elven chaotic nature is in constant clash with the Draconics lawful one. The Draconics were the main force that conquered and subdued the elves in the years of the Kellian empire, and to to it all, their long memories connect the Draconics with the hated Dragons. While there is no actual hatred between the races, the elves avoid the company of Draconics and very few of them are allowed into Dothrandor.
Human The elves always had ambivalent feeling toward humans. On one hand their short lives and self drive has always been perceived as aggressive, almost childlike behavior by most elves, but on the other hand the physical resemblance and the fact that humans are the only race with whom they are able to have offspring made them feel that humans are almost their equals. It is not uncommon to see small elven communities in human cities, and humans often visit Dorthrandor.


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