Free City of Tici

Tici is an ancient city state on the shore of the Ravens Bay. It’s location on the only major landing zone on the Hammerhead Peninsula, close to a sweet water lake and defendable location made it an ideal place for a city since the dawn of civilization. In current days it is the world’s most important trade center as it hubs trade from all over the world.


The city’s strategic location drew the Elves to found a settlement there even before The Dragons War, which they named Tecialondel – The Sea Haven.
During the wars the city was a constant battle ground between forces who sought dominion on it’s strategic location. It was held for short periods by Elves, Dragons, Dwarves and Orcs. When the war was latter that held it when the war ended, and they withdrew to the mountains a few years later.

The elves and the dwarves never tried to reclaim the city, but the humans who were the elves’ servants, now free of servitude resettled in the ruins and renamed it Tici.
Initially, Tici was mostly than a fishermen village, but in the centuries after the war, when the humans sought haven from the dangers of the wilderness it became a port town that took people into the safety of Radicane.
When the Kel’s started their conquests, Tici was the first place they added to their Empire. When they made their bargain with the Dwarves of Narazund and conquered Dorthargond they realized Tici’s importance as a trade hub. They paved the roads from Tici to their colonies and developed it further until it became a great city.

Tici was the last city that the Kels held, when the empire lost it’s grip on the surrounding countries, the lords of the land tried to take over Tici but failed once and again. Finally they lords of Velnor, Hydania and Magunia formed an alliance and halted all trade to the city. Realizing the predicament the Kels agreed to parley and the agreement that was reached is that all armies with be withdrawn from city and none of them will hold it. To rule the city, the countries agreed on house Halleigh, who according to tradition was one of the first families in Tici. They all believed that the heads of the house – known as weak men – will be easy to control. However, it turned out that by tradition House Halleigh was headed by strong women. Under the queens of house Halleigh Tici grew mighty and raised armies to protect it.


150,000 – 50% Human (from a lot of ethnicities, though most of them are of Kellian origin). 14% Dwarves, 12% Elves, 10% Draconic, 5% Half Elves, 3% Half Orcs, 3% Gnomes, 3% Halflings.


The current Queen is Deirdre Halleigh, she greatly strengthened the city’s army, using her Draconic subjects, making Tici completely independent from the surrounding countries. She raised the taxes for all trade going in and out from the city and used her army to strike at the surrounding kingdoms when they refused. She is known as ruthless and cunning. Her subjects adore her, but she is hated and feared among the foreign merchants who pass through the city.

Free City of Tici

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