Hydania is a small feudal kingdom located on a giant plateau, a few hundred meters above see level. It’s shore are great cliffs making it impossible to have any naval port. Before The Kellian Empire, Hydania was not a real nations but a collection of numerous small baronies. The Kels united them all under one king who’s main purpose was to see that the food keeps flowing from Hydania’s fields, through the port city of Tici to the cities of Radicane.
In the empire’s last days, in hope to gain better control over the stubborn people of Velnor and the road to Narazund, the Kels extended the Hylandian king’s mandate to rule the lands of Velnor and Magunia.

After the fall of the empire, many nobles tried to take over the land. The king in Storlen managed to keep control over the plains Hydania but Velnor was a lost cause and after decades of battles, it was the new crowned king of Magunia that won control over the. Since then Hydania have fallen greatly in wealth and strength, though it’s people do find more peace.

Population: 70,000 (89% Human, 6% Draconic, 3% Halflings, 2% Others). The Hydania’s peasants are are bitter people, they are worked hard and seldom enjoy the fruits of their labor. Although their land is fertile they are very poor and often hungry.

Government: Hydania is ruled by the king in Storlen, but the king no longer holds much strength over the local lords who rule the towns and villages. The nobles are very frustrated
from the current situation, they see most of the profits from their lands going to the taxes that the Magunian Kings charges. They keep pushing toward confrontation.


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