The Draconic


The Draconic are a race of dragon like humanoids who are originally descendant from Dragons and Humans (though some claim there are also Draconics with Elven and Orc blood blood).
They are range fron 170 to 200 cm height, females are as tall as males but less sturdier.
They are strong and durable and highly intelligent.
Their have reptilian faces with snake like tongues, their bodies are covered with scales of different colors.

Draconics traits are derived from their Dragon ancestry, although they are a single race – the offspring of parents from mixed heritage always inherits it’s traits from one of them.


The Draconic are not native to Gylandria. They were born on a distant world. Battles between dragons and gods tore that world apart and it started to die, vegetable became sparse and weaker races died. The Draconic had their Arcane masters send a distress signals across the ether.
It was a human Wizard from Kel who heard their call. He had struck a bargain with them. He opened a portal and let the remnant of their race migrate to Gylandria in exchange for a millennia of Service to Kel and it’s rulers.
They agreed and passed in the portal, bringing a force of 100,000 Draconics.
As the portal closed behind them, they took the oath of Servitude they agreed upon. Another vow they took – to leave their dying world behind them. So they no longer spoke of it, and it’s name has been lost in time. One name though, was not forgotten, the name of goddess or dragons in their old world – it was whispered down the generation – Tiamat.

The Draconics served mostly as soldiers in the Empire’s army. Their natural strength and ferocity made them a deadly force.

Oath expiration and Separation

After a thousand years has past, the Draconic were finally free from their oath. Since their oath was the center thing in their life for so long, it became the thing what shapes their mind and way of thinking,
Some of them decided to stay loyal to the empire – they contiued to serve, mostly in the army, but now they demanded to become citizens of the empire. And as such they demanded greater compensation for serving.
Others decided that they should be the ones in charge, some of them migrated and took more power in the colonies, others stayed in Radicane and tried to take power from within.

However a few of them didn’t want to continue to serve the empire – they deemed that that forcing others to serve was unjust, and wanter no part of it. They left Radicane and came to live in the Empire outskirts. Usually serving local lords and upholding law and justice. Many of them have openly fought wars with empire armies, as their local lords struggled to break free from the empire’s clutches.
This caused a tearing in the Draconic society. For the first time in their memory, Draconics were fighting and killing one another. Even after so many years of unity, this slowly brings back up the old grudges of Chromatic Draconics verses the Metallic ones.


Draconics have been shaped to uphold law and order. Almost all of them are lawful. They value honor and duty above all other traits, they despise lies and scorn weakness.

The Draconic

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