The Dragons War

The Dragons War is a name for a period of 20 years in which Dragons with armies of Orcs, Trolls, Gnolls an Goblins swarmed over Gylandria and tried to conquer it. After 20 years they were defeated by the armies of Elves and Dwarfs assisted by humans. The war is considered to be the end of the ancient world, and the beginning of the human civilization.

The World Before the War

Prior to the war most of the North was a great forest. It was ruled by the Elven Empire of Dorthargond. The islands in the Circle Sea were controlled by the Dwarf Kingdom of Ukhbelzund. The South was Dragon Land, scarcely inhibited by mortal races. The Re’al Mountains were a land of Orcs and monsters. Men were scattered in clans, serving all the races – mostly as farmers and laborers. Few men were trained in combat, and none in magic. There were no human realms or cities.
The Dragons and the Elves were bitter rivals from the dawn of time. The Dragons were the most powerful creatures in Gylandria, but the Elves had the greatest magic – The Elven High Magic, and the Stone of Thulionel protected their lands from dragons.

The Outbreak of the War and the First Years

While Dragons always tried to attack elves, the Elven High Magic was always powerful enough to repel them easily. About -1800 TR Dragons coordinated with the clans of Orcs, Trolls, Gnolls an Goblins and all attacked the Elves together. It is unknown how this was done, as there was no central kingdom for any of the races, nor it is known how the proud dragons agreed to fight along side the lesser races. The Elves held back the first attack, but as the war drew on it became clear that the Dragons and their allies will win the war. Although extremly powerful, the Elven High Wizards were few. And every time the Dragons managed to kill one, it significantly weakened the elves. In order to make out for the numbers they have lost, the elves trained their human servants first with weapons and then even in magic – but it was still not enough. The Dragons and their allies won more and more battles. After 10 years of constant battles the Elven kingdom was nearing destruction.

The Dwarven March and the Destruction of Ukhbelzund

The elves and the dwarves were never really allies. The inherent differences between the races made sure there was very little love between them. They inhibited different lands and ignored each other mostly. However the Dwarves always hated the Dragons – and more than that they hated Orcs. The dwarf King Kharkad the Orcbane realized that if the Elves would lose the war, the Dragons and the Orcs will turn on the dwarves next. He has gathered his entire army (Dwarf women always fought alongside the men), and marched to the elves help, trusting his stone doors to protect the old and the young dwarves he left behind. The dwarf army changed the course of the war. While they were not able to fight the dragons, the dwarves charged the orcs and their allies, defeating their armies and massacring them. This left the elves’ wizards free to deal with the dragons. The tide has shifted and for the first time it seemed the Dragons will lose the war. Realizing that, the Dragons turned their attention to the Ukhbelzund and stormed the kingdom. They were able to break it’s defences and took it over, killing every dwarf they found there.

The Ritual of Dragonbane

When word came the dwarf kingdom was taken over, the Dwarf armies were demoralised. Many of them – the bulk of the army – left the war and went back to their homes thinking they can save their young. However Kharad stayed behind with his elves allies and more that 20000 dwarves. The orcs, seeing the dwarf army dissolves, renewed their attacks with great numbers, and again it seemed that the dragons and their allies will annihilate the Elves and Dwarves. In their desperation, the Elven wizards gathered in the City of Thulionel. Secretly they worked on a magical ritual that will strike down every dragon in Gylandria. With the elven wizards away from the battlefield, the Dragons renewed their attacks and managed to take over most lands not protected by the shield of Thulionel. The orcs and their allies stormed the elven capitol defended by the elves, dwarves and the human and it seemed that the end is near, then the Wizards activated the ritual.
The Elven High Wizards channeled all the High Magic they could master into the Stone of Thulionel and broke it. The raw magic was released and the Wizards channeled it against every dragon in Gylandria. The raw Elven Magic hit the dragons’ magic and they exploded, each explosion devastating the lands surrounding it.
When the sun shone after the night of the Ritual of Dragonbane, the Dragons of Gylandria were gone, and the land was changed forever. Many lands desolated by the dragons’ death. Most of the elven forests were gone, the south lands became a dessert, the north sea, froze and became the a glacier. Worst of all was the fate of the old Dwarven Kingdom. Infested by dragons, the mountain kingdom exploded destroying all the land around it. In addition the destruction of the land, the Elven High Magic was all consumed and the High Wizards all dead.

The Outcome of the War

With their dragon allies gone, the orc armies were also defeated. The elves and the dwarves had pressed them back to their mountains and the dwarves conquered their homes and formed a new kingdom there to replace the homeland they have lost. The Elven Magic was all gone, only bits of it remained in few artifacts. Having been trained in arms and magic, the human were no longer servants. They settled in the empty lands and formed cities and kingdoms. A lot of humans settled in the island of Radicane – previously a land they farmed for the dwarves – and build a magic academy in a place they called Kel. The immortal dragons were not seen since in Gylandria, and so was the strange force that drove them and their allies to their campaign of conquest.

The Dragons War

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